Choices that Created the Oregon Mystique: Governor Tom McCall's Foresight and Accomplishments

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This collection provides convenient access to information about four significant interests and achievements of former Oregon governor Tom McCall: the Bottle Bill, the Beach Bill, Senate Bill 100, and the state government planning document, "Goals for a Livable Oregon". It is suitable for general public use, but will be of particular interest to students of public policy and Oregon history, as well as to professional policy planners and government performance managers. Many sources of information about McCall's life and vivid personality are available online and in print; links to several are included in the "Other Resources" section of this website. The focus of this collection, however, is access to significant documents from his administration and to supplemental information about his policy accomplishments.

Collection Development
Collection development emphasizes original, unique, and historically significant documents that are not already available online. The collection also includes links to credible sources of related information, and bibliographic references to print sources.

Maintenance and Evaluation
This collection is under active development. More original documents and photographs will be included as they become available through continuing research at the Oregon State Archives, Oregon Historical Society, and Oregon State Library. A list of potential enhancements to the site is included in the production notes accompanying the assignment.

Maintenance of the site includes monthly review to remove inactive links.

Evaluation will be informal, based on comments received from users via feedback links on each page of the site, for the first year. After a year, a link to a brief survey form will assess the site's effectiveness and gather suggestions for additions to the collection.
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